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Hi everyone,

I just joined this community so I thought I'd pop in and introduce myself. Margaret Atwood is my favorite author ever and I have read all of her novels. I've even read several of them more than once! My favorite book by her is probably The Robber Bride, though I also love The Blind Assassin and Cat's Eye. I think the way she writes is just brilliant and captivating and completely original. I wish that could write like her! Someday I would love to visit Toronto so I can see the city where she lives and see all the places that she wrote about! I went there years ago when I was in high school, but I hadn't discovered Atwood's work yet. Plus, I don't feel like I really saw the city, because we only saw the Toronto Zoo, the baseball stadium where the Blue Jays play, and some exhibition that was going on. (No, it wasn't Elaine Risley's art exhibit!)
I am looking forward to discussing Atwood's writing with all of you!

Interview on Bravo!Canada this Thursday

Turning Pages: The Life and Literature of Margaret Atwood
Thursday, September 13 @ 9et/6pt

It's unusual for the reclusive author to agree to be interviewed, but director Joel Gordon was able to visit both the Toronto home that Atwood shares with her husband and their Pelee Island getaway where they entertain friends during the summer months.[...]Adrienne Clarkson and Alice Munro are among the friends and associates who help to bring the writer to life.(The Vancouver Sun)

Self-introductory post

Hello, everyone. I'm new to this community, so say hi! *waves*

I do hope someone will enlighten me, thanks muchly in advance!

"The Robber Bride" on CBC

A made-for-tv adaptation of The Robber Bride will air on the CBC tomorrow night, with Mary-Louise Parker as Zenia. The Vancouver Sun calls the movie "bizarre" and "unsatisfying," which for me sort of sums up how I felt about the book when I first read it.

However, Tony remains one of my favourite Atwood characters. Even though I have never reenacted battles of war in my basement using legumes.

I'd be curious to compare notes with anyone else who ends up watching.

Edited to provide a link with a video preview: http://www.cbc.ca/robberbride

The Robber Bride

Hi, I've just joined this Margaret Atwood community since I'm reading her book "The Robber Bride". If anyone's read it, I'd like to hear from you!!


The Blind Assassin

There is something I'd like to know about Laura and Alex 

Be careful, it's a spoiler

Thank you
Hi everybody!!!

I'm new to this community. I'm french and I'm 18.

I've just read my first Margaret Atwood's book : The Blind Assassin. I just love it!!!. This book is hauntingly good.

Yet I'm not sure I have understood the relatioship between Laura and Alex and I'd like to talk about it with somebody who knows the book. But I don't want to post my questions because of the spoilers (unless you allow me to do it, but that would be too bad for those who haven't read it yet), so if someone could discuss it with me privately on msn or some place else, I would be delighted.

one of my all-time-favorite essays, "Spotty-Handed Villainesses" just reappeared on owtoad after a looooooonnnnnng hiatus, and in slightly revised form.

Go read it. Seriously. No lit-person or writer should be allowed to NOT read this shaft of brilliance! It will change your literary life; it did mine, with absolutely no exaggeration.

Blind Assassin movie

A google search on IMDB shows the Blind Assassin was optioned to be a movie a few years ago.

Anyone know what's up with that?

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